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 B.A  in English Scheme of Studies( 4-Year Program)

Academic growth of a student at Master's level is dependent on various factors. The educational background of a student must be made strong in order to yield better results. The HEC has accorded due priority to Master's degree, literature being one of the subjects. Due to the immense popularity of English Literature especially among the female section of the society, firm policies have been made to upraise the academic standard at the bachelor's level. A pre planning is required for the Master plan and roots must be made stronger in order to get desired finished results.


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HEC aims at bringing the educational level up to the international standards. Disbelief in stagnation leads to introduction of changes , not only in the  syllabus but also  in the time period of various degree programs. A Bachelors degree of two years does not sufficiently equip a student to enter proficiently at the advance Master's level. Moreover it is not recognized internationally as there, the bachelors degree program comprises of four years.

It was also observed that some students who took up literature at Master's degree program , without having the prerequisite knowledge of the subjects, could not pursue the degree and had to leave it incomplete. Considering these factors and after the introduction of BS.CS(4 Years), B.A literature (4 Years) was started by the HEC in the year 2006. In the beginning a total number of 15 students were enrolled. This degree program also offers a combination of various subjects, psychology and sociology with literature. 

In this degree initially the basics of the subjects are taught , then moving from the fundamentals, the standard of the students is raised through degrees in a period of four years.

the course of study provides an opportunity to discern and evaluate the distinctive ways in which the ancient as well as the modern writers have contributed to the vast stream of literature. The students are invited to explore the literary assets of not only English literature but the south Asian literature has also been included to generate a diverse out-look in the field. The study of such diverse literature enables the students to get acquainted with the knowledge and wisdom of other parts of the world, in short her access to "The best that has been thought and known in the world " is made possible. 

It is the peculiar glory of all great literature that it lasts longer then the times in which it has been written, therefore the syllabus not only introduces  the modern writers but the ancient Masterpieces are also included.

In the formulation of the syllabus , the need for a creative and inspiring literature was kept in mind. Thus for a student of English literature , B.A literature program has not only become an optional but profitable prerequisite rather a perk in her educational career that she must avail.

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