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Governor General Siestan & Balochistan of Islamic Republic of Iran.

May 18, 2007




The three year university celebrations coincided with the visit of Governor General Siestan Balochistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E Habibullah Dahmardeh on 18 May 2007. His delegation included a twenty member team, numerous press as well as security personnel. The Honourable Chancellor/Governor Balochistan also accompanied the guests

The Vice Chancellor, Dr. Shahida Jaffrey, Registrar Prof. Jamila Qazi, senior administrative staff and faculty members of the university received the guests at the reception parking area at 9.45 a.m.  They walked through the main administrative building, saw the conference rooms and offices and were taken to the Tulip Hall. The Vice Chancellor provided a power point briefing about the three years progress and future requirements of the university. After the briefing they were provided a tour of the university.

They walked through the Computer Science dept. and visited the Computer labs, where they interacted with students working on computers, and classes were being conducted. They visited the science classes and laboratories and different departments and met with students and faculty. They saw the well stocked library.  They visited the new cafeteria – the Baithak- refreshments were served there.

They were taken to the Finishing School—The Oasis of Roses—where the Photographic Club—established at the university by Mr. Kareem Jan, renowned photographer form Gilgit--of the university arranged a Photographic Exhibition; they showed great interest in the photographs taken by the students and faculty. The Vice Chancellor presented to the guests photographs of the Northern Areas and Balochistan taken by Kareem Jan.

The guests also visited the Gem and Gemological Institute established at the university in collaboration with Gem and Gemological Institute Peshawar, gem cutting and polishing skills are taught at the Institute. H.E Habibullah Dahmardeh addressed the students and faculty in Hanna Hall Auditorium. He thanked the honourable Chancellor for providing him an opportunity to visit the SBKW University. He said that Siestan has made remarkable progress in the field of higher education.

In every university in Iran, more then 60% seats are reserved for women. All educational programmes should be pragmatically implemented on the basis of prudence and energy. Iran values relations with Pakistan. Pakistan was the first country to recognize Iran, after Islamic Revolution and mourned for ten days at the death of Hazrat Imam Khomeini. We have had a history of good relations which have improved after , Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghani bacame the Governor of Balochistan. Both Pakistan and Iran have a lot of potential which can be used for their development. Today is one of the best days of my life. He advised the Chancellors of University of Siestan & Balochistan and University of Medical Sciences, Health and Related Services to cooperate with the SBKW University in different areas—faculty development programmes, scholarships for the students of SBKWU and students and faculty exchange programmes.

After his address H.E Habibullah Dahmardeh cut the cake to mark the three years of celebrations of the university, and prayed for the continued success of the university.  The Vice Chancellor presented twenty shields/plaques to all members of the delegation; the shields have been specially designed by the Fine Arts Department and carved on black stone.  The delegation departed at 12.15 noon, spending almost two and a half hours at the Women’s University

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