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Computer Science and Information Technology are the emerging fields in Science and Technology. At present most of the research grant spent by the developed and under developed countries are in IT fields. In order to cope IT requirement of SBK Women’s University a PC1 was submitted in HEC to implement campus wide LAN/WAN infrastructure and computerization of SBKWU Quetta amounting Rs. 38.79 million, at that time the number of student were only 80. In Pre-DDWP meeting HEC official raised an objection that the University is only having 80 students with few faculty and administrative staff and at this stage HEC cant release such a huge amount to this University. Any how they made a big cut off and only approved 14.87 million for the said on 9th March 2005.

Inauguration of LAN WAN project  by Vice Chancellor

HEC instructed that work on the project should begin immediately using existing University funds. The SBKWU did not have sufficient funds to begin work on the project using its own funds. Therefore work could only commence after money was received from the HEC. Main installment from HEC was received on 11th Nov, 2005.

Anyhow after receiving money the work on the project boosted up, and after fulfilling all the requirement of rules and regulations the Project was awarded to M/S Siemens Pakistan as it’s the Unique firm in Pakistan to implement  such IT relevant projects. The IT department of University also came into the existence after the approval of this project, and the hiring of IT experts were made under this projects. Which started their efforts to execute this project as soon as possible and the work on the project get started

Data Center

During the execution of the project University officials requested to the HEC that the approved amount is not sufficient to fulfill the required requirement. After the visit of HEC officials they committed that the development of the University w.r.t the time is amazing and unbelievable and they agreed to provide more funding to implement a strong IT infrastructure in University. This is the big achievement of the SBKWU. A fully equipped Data Center has been renovated and best LAN/WAN equipment like 2800 series Router, 4500 series core switch, PIX firewall and HP prolient ML350G rack mounted servers, has been purchased and configured

Data center

Computer Labs

Under the project four fully equipped computer labs have been established. All labs have the facility of internet and all kind of software’s are available to meet the requirement of students according to their demands

WAN Connectivity

University is connected to WAN and now University faculty members and students can enhance their research work using the internet facility. PERN connectivity from HEC is also expected shortly.

Digital Library

The digital connectivity is also in pipeline and shortly University will get connected through digital library of HEC, through which faculty members and students will be also be having  access to international Journal, Research Work and books.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing and Interactive Lecturing is an initiative of Higher Education Commission to improve quality of education in country. Under this project video conferencing rooms are being setup at Universities' sites. 1st phase is about to complete and SBKWU name is included in 2nd phase which will be started shortly

Downlink Facility

HEC has committed to provide a 1MB downlink from PAKSATONE to  facilitate students and faculty members through which they will be able to download their required material from net on a  high speed

Faculty/Students/Admin staff Development program

IT department has also started a Faculty/Students/Admin staff Development program. This program  consist of three phases

  1. Basic learner package

  2. Advance learning package

  3. International certifications

Under this program training will be provided to faculty member / students and admin staff on different fields of IT.

Enhancement in Facility

A repeat order has been issued to M/S Siemens Ltd. For the enhancement of facility and to connect technical section, new students hostel, Gem and Gemological section and for the purchase of more WAN equipments as well.

Future Plans

These are the major plans of IT department.

  1. Connectivity of the campus across the road

  2. Automation of Library, students affairs, account and Employees information systems

  3. Implementation of VoIP

  4. Purchasing of more computer and printers.

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