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Convocation Gallery

Convocation Gallery




Grape Vine Cafe


A Grape Vine Café was established at the university in May 2004 and was inaugurated by Begum Ghazala Owais Ghani. A consultant from Canada, Majida Hameed has designed the  café. The café is being mana4ged by the university itself. With the rise in the number of students, Grape Vine Café is falling short of space, therefore, to cater for the requirements of the students another café, Chaman Café has also been established in old hospital’s tandoor and kitchen. 


Grape Vine Cafe


Tuck Shop


A Tuck Shop at the university cater for the day to day stationary requirement of the student


Tuck shop



other cafes at the university


To later for the needs of increasing number of students three more restaurants , "Dhaba " ,"Khoka" and "Baitak" provided different fried and packed food material to the student and faculty staff.











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