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Women have to learn all skills – especially to be able to drive a vehicle is as important as learning to cook a meal. If there is an emergency in the house and there are three vehicles parked in the drive way – and there is no driver – what does one do? When married, there are no drivers to take children to school and to purchase groceries – so the women of the house has to do that. If the husband is posted abroad and there are no drivers – what will be the mobility of the women and her family.

That was the idea behind the introduction of driving classes for students at the university.

The SBK Women’s University arranged special driving classes for students through the National Driving School, Quetta, at subsidized rates of Rs 4000 for 35 driving lessons. After successfully completing the 35 lessons, learners get their driving license. 29 students including several faculty members have graduated from the school and have their driving licenses. Driving lessons are provided during university timings. Two Suzuki Bolans are at the Women’s University parking at 1 pm. Each vehicle carries the driver and four students/learners. The vehicles are taken out on the streets of Quetta, each learner drives 7 miles.

One faculty who took driving lessons, and after successfully completing her 35 lessons has a drivers license in her possession, has now purchased her own car, is mobile, independent, very happy and confident.

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