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Regular Faculty Members 5
Visiting Faculty Members 2
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The department was established with the inception of university in 2004.18 students were enrolled in for 2 years masters program in the first semester. The first batch of the department completed its graduation 2006.The department had the proud privilege of securing the valedictorian award, a gold medal and 5 roll of honor in the first convocation of the University held in July 2006.BA 4 years program has lately been introduced with the enrolment of 15 students in the first semester. Presently 90% of its graduates are working in the capacity of teachers in different public and private sector institutions .The department also engages teachers of eminence as visiting professors. The present staff of English department is fully alive to the new challenges The department is currently going smooth utilizing its full energies




Maintaining and fostering highest ethical and professional values while teaching students to seek knowledge analytically. To make them learn to communicate effectively to meet the challenges of the world at large.

To promote the general advancement of knowledge and understanding. Development of every student to her higher potential so that each may make the maximum contribution to the improvement of the standards and the cultural climate of the people. In pursuit of excellence in education the department dedicates itself to adopting a curriculum that promotes academic specialization and professional education



  • To establish and support facilities for education ,training and research.

  • To prescribe course of studies .

  • To provide for research ,demonstration for the advancement of knowledge.

  • To upgrade extra curricular and non formal education ,to polish the skills and better understanding and know-how of the environment .

  • To decide teaching methodologies and strategies to ensure the most effective educational program.

  • Mentoring: To guide students and utilizing their potential in the valuable fields as to secure their future.

  • The department offers a professional, compatible environment to teach and promote an understanding of both the significance and history of British at Masters and of USA at Bachelors level

  • The department also caters to the needs of language proficiency and lately has introduced foundational courses in communication skills at Bachelors level

  • To inculcate creative thinking with precise expression, to organize ideas, draw deductions and make connection to new ideas to articulate them in a convincing way. The English graduate program features the study of literary language, rhetoric and the poetic arts .It focuses on the role playing, creative writing, and presentation skills with special emphasis on communicative and interactive teaching approach

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