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The term research refers to scholarly or creative activity that contributes to human knowledge through methods established by the academic disciplines. Undergraduate research involves an educational collaboration between a student and faculty members. Undergraduate research experiences may be initiated by a student who seeks out faculty supervision or by a faculty member who involves undergraduate students in her  research team

Participation in undergraduate research can benefit you educationally, professionally, and personally.

Educational Benefits include:

  • Working with a faculty mentor

  • Learning about issues, methods, and leaders in your chosen field(s)

  • Applying concepts from your courses to “real life” situations

  • Furthering your creative achievement

  • Sharpening your problem-solving skills

  • Positioning yourself for summer research and internship opportunities

Professional Benefits include:

  • Exploring potential careers

  • Enhancing your professional communication skills

  • Collaborating with others and working effectively as part of a team

  • Preparing for graduate or professional school

Personal Benefits include:

  • Growing as a critical and independent thinker

  • Building confidence

  • Enhancing your awareness of ethical issues




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