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Department of Sociology
Head of Department MS Shereen Younas
Faculty of Social Sciences
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  • Envision systematic and logical information concerning the organization and working of human groups and processes in the field of individual interactions.
  • Envision quality instruction to produce graduates with the vital perception of social processes and structures.
  • Envision excellence of teaching, equipping students with insight and consideration of the dynamics of their social order, civilization, and surroundings, and organizing them to contribute in a multifarious and diverse social world
  • Envision the students aware of recent trends in social thoughts
"To make available excellence of education to the female better half of our country in a motivating and encouraging learning environment by making available for them the academic and scientific tools obligatory to face the challenges of the future."
The mission of the Sociology Program is to deliver a high quality undergraduate program in the study of social relations. Since sociology is based on facts therefore the students are trained with research techniques to discover new facts or to verify old facts. Our program mission includes providing awareness and expertise, both sociological and general, for a broad spectrum of jobs or to pursue degrees in Sociology and to provide the students with a strong foundation in sociological theory and research within the context of a sociological curriculum. Students are encouraged to assume further than everyday assumptions and make connections between the problems of individuals and the broader structures of social life.
Programs Offered
  1. Master Sociology(2 years)
  2. BS Sociology (4 years)
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