SBK Women's University, Balochistan

Welcome Every Woman from every home
Message from The Vice Chancellor

SBK Women's University is committed to provide quality education to the female youth of Balochistan. We are working day and night to equip them with the skills and knowledge inevitable for a successful life. We are working for Better future of students and successful Pakistan.
Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor
Dr. Sajida Noureen
About The University
Balochistan has the privilege to house its first Women’s University at Quetta. The need for a Women’s University in Balochistan was felt from many decades, This need was finally realized when the Governor of Balochistan, Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghani, promulgated an Ordinance No. 1 of 2004 to establish the Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University at Quetta. On 26th August 2004, Balochistan Provincial Assembly passed The Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Act ... Read More


Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University aims to provide the women of Balochistan and the rest of Pakistan with an excellent standard of education and with the best skills suited to which ever station they choose in their lives regardless of creed, class, age or domicile. SBK Women’s University aspires to impart education that not only develops the mind of its students. It also seeks to make its student socially responsible citizens. The University sincerely believes that revolution begins from within the home and by educating women, it hopes to make the future of Balochistan and Pakistan brighter.

 Vision and Mission

The Vision is that SBKWU is striving for academic excellence with International compatibility by providing quality teaching and research.

The mission is to prepare female leaders from the local community, possessing a grasp for complexity, effective problem solving and communication skills and an enduring commitment to learning and ethical conduct in order to adapt to the challenges of the changing world. As a result of this, produce inspiring female scholars that can effect positive social change at local, national and global levels.


  • To develop inspiring women professionals who can be a role model for the females or the area and develop linkages with the external world.
  • To educate women and strengthen their leadership qualities so that they offer quality service based on the ethical value system within their communities.
  • To provide opportunities of research and development in areas of vital concern to the women of Balochistan.
  • To provide opportunities of research and development in areas of vital concern to the women of Balochistan.