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M.A. in English      
Programs Name MA English( Literature & Linguistics)
Duration  2 years
Total credit Hours  66 credit hours
Introduction of Program
Masters in English is a unique amalgamation of Linguistics and Literature. The curriculum, after realizing the dire need of Linguistics and up to date courses of Literature, was revised in 2011, consequently the course is designed according to the contemporary issues, dealing not only with Applied and theoretical Linguistics but also with different genres of Old and Modern Literature.
Scope of Program
Masters in English provides students with a thorough understanding of culture and society. Graduates not only get satisfactory job in different markets but also gain an unshakeable confidence leading them to a brighter and better future,
S#  Course Code Course Title Credit hours
1st Semester
1   Background to English Literature 3
2   Introduction to Applied Linguistics 3
3    Classical Drama  3
4    History of English Language 3
5   Pedagogical Grammar 3
2nd Semester
1   Classical Poetry 3
2   Novel 3
3   TEFL 3
4   Contemporary Issues in Linguistics 3
5   Psycholinguistics 3
6   Phonology 3
 3rd Semester
1   Romantic & Modern Poetry 3
2   Modern Fiction and Drama 3
3   Sociolinguistics 3
4    Literary Criticism 3
5    Introduction to Research Methodology 3
6   Thesis -1/CALL/EAP(Elective) 3
Note:  CALL and EAP are taught to the students who score less then 65% in 2nd semester, they are not illegible for Thesis
4th Semester
1 Introduction to American Literature 3
2   Pragmatics 3
3   Prose 3
4   Language in Education (Stylistics) 3
5    Thesis-II/ Language Culture & identity/ESP ( Elective) 3
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