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B.S in English
Programs Name BS English (Literature and Linguistics)
Duration 4 years
Total credit Hours 135
Introduction of Program
BS English covers wide range of disciplines, It not only deals with Linguistics and Literature in detail but also touches secondary fields from other disciplines such as social sciences ,basic sciences and applied sciences, grooming the students not only in their relevant fields but also uncovering new strata’s of life to them, thus making them more confident and subtle in interlinking BS English with other disciplines and bringing innovation to their career.
Scope of Program
BS English takes 4 years to groom the students by making them confident, independent and innovative, It provides a wider and deeper insight in the world of Linguistics and Literature by introducing students to almost all the threads of the relevant field, thus making them proficient in oral and written English and providing them skills for lifelong learning.
S#  Course Code Course Title Credit hours
1st Semester
1 ENG-160  English-1(language in use) 3
2 ENG-161 Introduction to Linguistics 1 3
3 ENG-110 Introduction to literature 1(history of literature)  3
4   Pakistan Studies 2
5   Psychology 3
2nd Semester
1 ENG-151 Introduction to Linguistics II 3
2   philosophy 3
3 ENG-15O English 2(academic reading and writing) 3
4 ENG-120 Introduction to literature 2(poetry and one act plays) 3
5 ENG-152 Applied Translation Studies 3
6   Islamic Studies 2 3
 3rd Semester
1   Entrepreneurship 3
2   Introduction to computers 3
3 ENG-221 Introduction to literature 3 fiction 3
4 ENG-260 Introduction to linguistics 3 phonetics and English phonology 3
5 ENG-101 English 3Communication skills 3
4th Semester
    Environmental Studies 3
  ENG-222 Introduction to literature 4 prose 3
  ENG-253 Advance Academic Reading & Writing 3
  ENG261 Intro to Linguistics IV(Structure in English) 3
    Citizen education (human rights) 2
5th Semester
1 ENG-330  Literary criticism- 1 3
2 ENG-324  Novel 18th to 19th century 3
3 ENG-323  Poetry 14th to 18th century 3
4 ENG-354  Psycholinguistics 3
5 ENG-355  sociolinguistics 3
    Introduction to Research Methodology 3
6th Semester
1 ENG-340  Literary movements 3
2 ENG-325  Classics in drama 3
3 ENG-331  Literary criticism-2 3
4 ENG-341  Pakistani literature in English 3
5 ENG-362 Semantics,lexical studies 3
6 ENG-356  Discourse analysis 3
7th Semester
1 ENG-449 Research Thesis 3
2   Tesol-1 English language skills 3
3 ENG-426 Romantic poetry 3
4 ENG-442 American literature-1 novel and poetry 3
5   Literacy Studies 3
6   Women writers 3
7   CALL 3
8th Semester
  ENG-449 Research thesis 3
  ENG-358 Feminist linguistics 3
    20th century literature 3
    Tesol-2 syllabus and material evaluation and design 3
    Tesol-3 language assessment 3
  ENG-357 Practicum/Internship (English Language Teaching) 3
Note :- Courses can be shifted to different semesters according to the availability of Teachers.
Specialization / Thesis / Final Project
 All the students are supposed to conduct thesis in BS
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