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Department of Biotechnology
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Chairperson Sadia Javaid
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Biotechnology at a Glance
Biotechnology a sub discipline of applied biology involves the use of living organism, bioprocesses, biological forms and systems in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields, maximizing benefits to man and other forms of life. Although people are the real wealth of nations, it is fruitful to create an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive lives in accordance with their needs and interests. The major concerns in the developing countries are health, poverty and starvation. It is anticipated that Biotechnology would be a boon to solve such problems and several other problems to come in future. In agriculture, it is predicted that the “evergreen revolution” will be due to biotechnological innovations.

The department of Biotechnology at SBK Women’s University was established in Nov 2009 with the degree program of B.S in Biotechnology, under Vice Chancellor Madam Sultana Baloch, and registrar Madam Jamila Qazi. Department is branch of “faculty of life sciences”, headed by Dean Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen and Head of the department Miss Sadia Javaid. Since then it is successfully expanding with considerable intake of students in the progressing semesters. The Faculty is heavily involved in teaching degree programs of the Department of Biotechnology and is keen for initiating and establishing collaborative projects with industry and other academic institutions. The courses taught at the Faculty are designed by Higher Education Commission.
Our mission is to produce graduates trained in biotechnological skills who will have the opportunities to be absorbed in an array of professional groups including agriculture, health, education, industry, veterinary, medical and environmental sectors, playing their roles for promoting the use of biotechnological processes and tools for expansion in scientific research and developmental sector, providing employment opportunities to women.
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