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Department of Chemistry
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Head of Department Musarat Riaz
Faculty of Basic Sciences
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Chemistry is a scientific discipline. Through substantial scientific experiences, the study of chemistry provides students with knowledge of what chemistry is and how it contributes to a background of knowledge for cultural development and understanding of the world. The study guides students in the use of chemical facts, principles, and methods to solve social and technological problems and to contribute to a better life The Department of Chemistry is one of the pioneering departments of the University and has a faculty that is very active in research and teaching. The Department, which has a great reputation in several areas, is well equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to support its research. It is the goal of the Chemistry Department to provide students with a solid foundation in the physical sciences while fostering a general intrigue with the subject. To do so, we offer courses which include those required for graduation along with many geared for students who have a strong interest in science.
  1.  The common purpose is to achieve the highest possible standards of scholarship, teaching and research in chemistry and allied subjects.
  2.  To encourage intellectual development and scholarship in and through chemistry.
  3.  To develop in students an awareness of applications of chemistry including its practical, social and economic aspects such as health, agriculture, industry and defense.
  4.  To develop and improve students practical, written and oral communication, information retrieval, computer and problem solving skills.
  5.  To encourage students to become effective independent learners.
  6.  To develop in students the ability to work in groups so as to acquire respect for human values.
  7.  To encourage students to broaden their knowledge, to develop their own capabilities and self confidence, to respect learning and to participate in continuing education.
  •  On 2009 M.Phil. classes have been started.
  •  On 12th Oct 2005, the Department also started BS in Chemistry. Now the department has more than 200 Students & 24 Faculty Members.
  •  Department has arranged two workshops on Gel electrophoresis and H.P.L.C
  •  Chemistry department students achieve 2nd and 3rd position in exhibition under the title of ‘‘reuse of waste material’’.
Programs Offered
  • M.Phil
  • Masters
  • BS
SBK Women's University
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