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The department of Chemistry is one of the largest department in SBK Women's University . As the science of Chemistry always requires highly equipped laboratories. These high tech equipped laboratories not only support the department's scientific requirements but also make the student aware with application of Scientific theories and potential growth in the field of Chemistry.
The department of Chemistry comprises of two highly equipped  laboratories and from the point of view of modern science area they are one of the best science laboratories working not only in Balochistan province but through out Pakistan
Pysical / Inorganic Lab Instruments
  •  Flame photometer
  •  Atomic Absorption
  •  Water Quality Meter
  •  Refractometer
  •  Polari meter
  •  Colorimeter
  • Conductivity Meter
Organic /Biochemistry Lab Instruments
  •  U,V Spectrophotometer
  •  Gas Chromatography (G.C)
  •  Micro lab
  •  F.T.I.R
  •  Vacuum Pumps
  •  H.P.L.C
  •  Rotary Evaporator
  •  Gel Electrophoresis
Along with high tech instruments labs are fully furnished with fundamental glass equipments. The faculty is well trained to carry out work and also help the students to carry out research projects. These two labs of the chemistry department have been designed on the basis of new scientific development which requires combinatorial chemistry.
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