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Duration of program    
 2 years (4 Semester )after obtaining HSC (pre-Engineering Group) ,other students have to attend intensive courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry during the semester break of first and second years depending on their deficiencies
Compulsory/Optional Courses
10 courses of 100 marks of 4 credit hours each to be covered in 4 semesters. Out of these,8 should be compulsory courses and two elective. However the department may take necessary adjustment in term of compulsory and elective (optional) papers).
Total Credit Hours
136 (a maximum of 18 credit hours can be completed during each semester)
Academic Standard
In order to bring the standard of education at par everyone who gets admitted to a university shall end up with a degree should be abolished . the following measures are suggested:
 Those who fail more than two courses in a semester are automatically, dismissed .
 Those ,who fail in one or two courses ,may retake the examination during to 40 days grace period .
 Those ,who have not cleared all courses after the grace period are dismissed
Attendance Requirement
Student are required to maintain 75% attendance in order to sit in the final examination
6 credit hours ,with accompany written report and presentation
During each semester (expect the final Semester, during which the students are introduced to job-hunting skills) student must participate in guest seminar (presentations by eminent Mathematicians on theoretical aspects and applications) and students' Seminars (Presentation by BS Students); Guest seminars and Students' Seminar are held fortnightly during the same time slot (8 credit hours)
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