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Finance Department
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The Finance Department of S.B.K. Women's University, Quetta is responsible to manage and improve the Financial Management and accounting system of the university. It controls the working of all its sub- sections under the provision of the University Act No IX of 2004. Currently University is following the financial rules and regulations of Federal Government as its own rules are in process of finalization. The department also administers various development projects of the university, approved by HEC from time to time. The Finance department has been divided into various sections / units as detailed below:
  • Budget Section
  • Payroll Section
  • Accounts / Book keeping Section
  • Procurement Section
From the day first overall supervision of finance department is handled by Mr. Naveed-ullah Khan, Additional Director Finance. The functions of each section are as under
Budget Section
Budget Section is headed by the Accounts Officer. The main function of the section is to prepare annual & revised budgets and exercise proper control on expenditure as per approved budgetary allocations. Before payment of any bill the same bill is routed through this section for getting actual provision of budget so that the expenditure can properly be controlled.
Payroll Section
It is also headed by Accounts Officer. The basic function of the section is to prepare payroll of all the employees of the university manually as well as on software. A payroll software
 has been designed and provided to this Section. The software is very helpful in issuance of monthly pay slips to each employee of the University.
Accounts / Book Keeping Section
The Section is also to be headed by Accounts Officer but currently as the position of A.O. is vacant; this section is controlled and supervised by Additional Director Finance. The section deals with day to day expenditure and its further record keeping manually as well as on software (F.I.S). All types of reports are generated by this department for submission to various forums. The reports to H.E.C, Government of Balochistan & Income Tax Department are also handled by this section.
Procurement Section
The Section is headed by Purchase Office. Since the establishment of the university, this section involved in heavy procurement as the newly established university requires Furniture & Fixture, Machinery & Equipment, Transport Scientific Equipment and various other items for the Classrooms, laboratories, Library & Administration Offices to start the functions well in time. Under the supervision of Additional Director Finance, procurement section has accepted the challenge and in record period made heavy procurement abiding by all the rules & regulation of Federal Government & PPRA in order to avoid any post audit observation. Presently the section is working without any software, but in near future software will be used for efficient control & management of inventory and fixed assets
Technological Improvement
The department from the very beginning started working independently to manage accounts manually. However Substantial progress has been made in developing modern, efficient and integrated computer solutions for the management of accounts. Now data can be obtained by operating “Reports” modules of F.I.S. Reports can also be obtained on the basis of location, bank accounts and funding sources. Trail balances / statements of affairs can be obtained on sub- subsidiary, control and main level. The provisional general ledger option is also available in Financial Information System which can be utilized for correction of entries through edit format. The final posting can be done after correction of provisional ledger balances. The reports are provided to external Auditors well in time to carryout the audit thoroughly. The chart of Accounts has allowed to compatibility with the International Accounting Standards (I.A.S) in accounting system of S.B.K. Women's University as well as categorization of Financial Information under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (G.A.A.P) real time consolidation and facilitation in exercising proper controls.
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