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  1.  Students shall be under the disciplinary control of warden.

  2.  No student shall remain outside the hostel after 6:00 pm. the main gate will be closed at 6:00pm sharp.

  3. Students are not allowed to visit their relatives at every weekend. They can visit on alternative weekends.

  4. Students can go outside or visit their relatives with relatives whose names are mentioned in the visitor’s Performa.

  5. Students are not allowed to go outside the University in any day of the week except on weekend.

  6. Students are allowed to visit their relatives only on specific days and timings which are Wednesday 3:00-6:00 PM Saturday 3:00-6:00 PM Sunday 9:00AM-6:00 PM

  7.  Parents or visitors are not allowed to visit during working hours of the University.

  8.  Only mentioned or listed names are permitted to meet with students. Irrelevant person will not be allowed.

  9.  No guest or visitor will be permitted to stay in the hostel. /p>

  10.  Students are not allowed to hold any function or meeting without the prior permission of the warden.

  11.  No political /ethnic/ religious group should come in existence.

  12.  Keeping/ abuse of Drugs, intoxicants, alcohol etc is strictly prohibited.

  13.  Students shall inform the warden before leaving.

  14.  Every part of the hostel shall open to the hostel authorities for inspection at any time.

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