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Human Resource Department (HRD)
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Our mission is to provide SBK Women’s University and its staff with a professional and accessible service across the full range of employment-related matters.
The HRD of the University recognizes that people are our most important resource for sustaining excellent teaching, research and service. To enhance the ability of staff members to contribute to their departments and to provide career satisfaction for productive employees, we are committed to supporting on going staff development for any staff member. Staff development is defined as growth in an individual's knowledge, skill, and personal effectiveness.
Our goal is for all staff members to make the maximum contribution to their departments, while having opportunities to develop their talents, to acquire and use new skills, and thus to achieve greater career effectiveness and satisfaction. Career development opportunities include mentoring as well as informal and formal training.
Staff Members Role
The role of staff members is to pursue growth by:
  • Sharing responsibility for their development .
  • Developing, with their supervisors, plans to acquire or enhance skills, assume responsibilities, and prepare for future opportunities.
Role of HRD
The role of HRD is to encourage and be supportive of staff development by:
  • Providing ongoing training needed for current and newly assigned responsibilities.
  • Designing jobs which are challenging.
  • Providing timely feedback on performance .
  • Encouraging staff to learn and grow throughout their careers, and to pursue appropriate career goals.
  • Offering or supporting education and training opportunities to enhance an individual's performances and capacity, even beyond their current position.
  • Publicizing job opportunities so that individuals can pursue positions which they believe will advance their development.
Detailed Working Profile
Human Resource Department is organized to extend support for University's faculty and administrative staff in following major areas:
  • Information for the University staff .
  • Advertising job vacancies.
  • Recruitment & selection.
  • Orientation of new employees Training & development of (Faculty & Administration) staff .
  • Policies procedures Processes.
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