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Department of Finishing School
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Why a Finishing School ?
It’s a new exciting world . All of us are at the threshold of a new age

We are living in a society where you have only fifteen seconds to make an impression. Etiquettes, manners and personal grooming are increasingly playing an important role to open the right door for you. Manners are cultured bound. In today’s scenario, the world is shrinking and technology is making the identity. Living in this world today, has redefined social and business etiquettes and mannerisms.
It is true that exceptional academic qualifications go a long way in furthering a career and the perk that come with it, but any one who has had a tryst with power and fame will know that it takes a different set of rules to reach and succeed at the top. Most of our educational institutes do not teach how to groom and present their selves confidently in front of others and it can be only done by a Finishing School. A Finishing School helps us to explore ourselves and polish our skills of speaking and meeting with others. Let’s assume that you have decided to visit a restaurant for a formal sit -down dinner. Why at do you do when you are surrounded by pieces of cutlery you have never seen before? Is their some one to show you how to make your way through bizarre things that life through at you.
To Learn all this, you are Well come to the “Oasis of Roses”,  A Finishing School

The philosophy behind the name:
Oasis – an area in a dessert made fertile by under ground water or irrigation Rose- a flower symbolizing ever lasting beauty and grace

Combing the two, symbolizes “Women” growing, developing and blossoming through education and knowledge which improves not only her own personal life but her family, the community, and ultimately her country. Through this empowerment comes a responsibility for women to personally “Grow and Blossom” with her social frame work. The chancellor of SBK Women’s University, Governor of Balochistan M. Owais Ghani and the Vice Chancellor of SBK Women’s University, Dr. Shahida Jaffery gave the idea of Finishing School for Women and it was ultimately established by a consultant from Canada Mrs. Majeeda Hameed. She designed the course out line, and a complete setup of finishing school. Ms. Rabia Quddos is the coordinator of the program from its inception till now.

About Department:
Finishing school started from March 2005, the first class held on 3rd March, and 05. Proper Inauguration of the department was done on 7th May 2005, by Mrs. Governor, Begum Ghazala Owais Ghuni. She also visited the department, model home and the Beauty Salon.
SBK Women's University
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