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Department of Student affairs
The Department of Student affairs was established in May 2004. Student Affairs  is the major service concerned with student and course administration from admissions through to awards. With overall responsibility for the student record system, academic and student regulations, student complaints, tuition fee assessment, exams, ceremonies and with special support for research students, the service is a significant source of information about rules, regulations and procedures which affect students and staff.
The mission of Student Affairs is to foster an environment supporting learning, healthy lifestyles, leadership and career development, personal growth, and inclusiveness The Department of Student affairs provides following services to the students. Student Affairs provides areas of opportunity to balance physical, emotional, and social well-being through participation in recreation, student organizations, on-campus employment, and community service and volunteerism.
Helps students in the admission process, Guides them in selection of discipline of their choice Student Affairs is committed to building a sense of community on campus through partnerships with academic departments, local residents, alumni, and business leaders. In addition, Student Affairs personnel are devoted professionals who strive to develop a meaningful and lasting camaraderie among students. It also keeps all the record of students’ enrollment, fee collections, fee concessions, scholarships, hostel fee transport fee. semester break record, semester left etc.
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