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Convocation Gallery

Convocation Gallery


Mrs. Sheila Lyall Grant wife of British High Commissioner to Pakistan

June 23, 2005


Mrs. Sheila Grant Lyall, wife of the High Commissioner for United Kingdom visited the SBKWU on June 23, 2005. Her visit coincided with the Prize distribution ceremony of a debate and poster competition organized at the University on the occasion of World Environment Day which was sponsored by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


Mr. Saleem Chisti, spoke to students, faculty and guests. He said that IUCN is an International Organization with it’s headquarter in Switzerland and has offices in nearly 50 countries. Asia Region of IUCN is headed by a lady from Quetta, Mrs. Aban Marker Kabraji. He said that IUCN is trying to promote the cause for environmental concerns and cater for the issues collectively with assistance from various donors in Pakistan. Balochistan Program of IUCN is being supported by Royal Netherlands Embassy. The goal of IUCN is to increase awareness amongst people regarding environmental issues After the introductory address of Mr. Saleem Chisti, two students who received first prizes for their speeches in English and Urdu debates, delivered their speeches.

Mr. Shahid Khakan Abbasi former Chairman Pakistan International Airlines and Chief Operations Officer of Air Blue Air Lines addressed the students and faculty. He said that the creation of this university is a very unique opportunity for the women of Balochistan, and it will be a unique institution in Pakistan. Speaking on the environment, he said that we can affect it both positively and negatively, and it depends upon our approach towards it.

He cited the example of Murree Hills which is his home, which has been adversely affected due to cutting down of trees that has effected the temperature and the land has been eroded and there are constant land slides.  He emphasized that the basic reasons for success in life are strength of character, mental ability and exploitation of opportunities. He cited from the life of Quaid-e-Azam and said that he was able to create Pakistan only because of these qualities. He also gave his own example and said that he has seen many hardships in life, but because of his strength of character and mental ability he was able to handle them. He advised the students to build a society on strong ethical values.

After the address of Mr. Shahid Hakan Abbasi, Begum Governor spoke to the students. She said that environment is a very serious issue and the government can not address it without the support of the people. She told the students that they are the mothers of tomorrow, and it is their responsibility to raise their children in such a way that they become responsible citizens and better human beings.

Mrs. Shiela Grant Lyall was last to express her thoughts. She said that it was a great opportunity for her to visit the University. She said that education is a process that never ends, it goes on and on, and during the tour of classes and meeting students it was evident from the varying ages of students, as there are young girls as well as mothers attending classes. She said that she was born and educated in south of London. She joined British Foreign Service in 1980 and her first posting was to Pakistan in 1982. She stayed in Pakistan for three years and now after 20 years they -- her husband and the family are back in Pakistan as her husband is the High Commissioner. She said that her association with Pakistan is very old and strong. It dates back to 1880, when Faisalabad-- Lyall Pur, was named after her husband’s grandfather Sir James Lyall. Most of her family members – grand uncles and uncles as well as her husband have served and lived in Pakistan. She wished students success and encouraged them to make use of every opportunity available to them.

After the dignitaries spoke, prizes were distributed. Trophies for first, second and third positions to winners of English Speech Contest were presented by Mrs. Sheila Grant. Begum Governor gave away trophies to the position holders of Urdu Speech Contest. Trophies to winners of Poster Competition were given by Mr. Shahid Khakan Abbasi. After distribution of prizes Begum Governor presented gifts to Mrs. Shiela Grant on behalf of the university. 

On conclusion, the Vice Chancellor thanked all the guests for their participation and making the  program possible, specially the IUCN Balochistan Office and Mr. Salim Chishti and his staff , for all the arrangements and costs of the function, and the debate and Poster contests. Ice-cream “Cornettos” were distributed amongst all students and faculty. Lunch for the guests was at the V.C House.


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