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Head of Department Dr. Nagina Gul
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Mission of Management Sciences:
The Mission of Management Sciences is to foster a learning environment, where students are motivated to make learning an on-going life-long process. We see ourselves as a multi- dimensional educational Department. Our aim is to prepare students to excel academically as well as in management skills. Students learn to function ethically, and take effective decisions in business and other endeavors of life. This Department intends to allow freedom of thought and expression, encourage faculty and students to be independent and creative thinkers. We believe in pursuing leading-edge research. We are catalysts engaged in the development of innovative ideas, analytical, inter-personal and leadership skills. Our faculty is committed to using the best teaching and training methodologies. We are also committed to our stakeholders who include parents, the business community and professional organizations to create responsible corporate leaders of tomorrow.
Introduction Of Management Science Departement:
Industrialization is taking place at rapid pace in Pakistan. The provinces of Pakistan are making their best endeavors to accelerate the process of industrializations. The province of Balochistan is being given special attention to exploit the industrial potentials in order to pave the way for the accelerated economic development. But the process of industrial and economic development need the aiding hands of qualified administrators, trained managerial human resource, insight in research scholarship and excellent expertise in areas of planning in public and private sector.

 In considering the need for effective resource-utilization, efficient resource management, enhancement of administrative capacity and improvement of managerial talents in Balochistan, Sardar Bhadhur Khan Women’s University Quetta, Established the Department of Management sciences in Nov 2009 under Vice Chancellor Madam Sultana Baloch, and registrar Madam Jamil Qazi. Department is branch of “faculty of Social sciences”, headed by Dean Prof. Dr.Zia-Ur-Rehman and Head of the department Miss Nida Zafar Since then it has successfully covered one year and is expanding with considerable intake of students in the progressing semesters. The Faculty is heavily involved in teaching degree programs of the Department of Management sciences and is keen for initiating and establishing collaborative projects with industry and other academic institutions.

The courses taught at the Faculty are designed by Higher Education Commission and are up to standard. Today the department consists of five faculty members and about 105 BBA students.
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