Inauguration Ceremony of TV Studio at the Media and Journalism

The inauguration ceremony of the TV studio at the Media and Journalism Department took place on 23/5/2023. The esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Prof. Sajjida Noreen, inaugurated the state-of-the-art TV studio. The event was attended by prominent members of the university, including the Registrar, Deans, Pro-VC, Controller of Examinations, and Heads of different departments.
The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome extended to all the attendees. The Head of the Media and Journalism Department Spozmei Shah, along with the Faculty and students, expressed their gratitude to Dr. Prof. Sajjida Noreen for her unwavering support and encouragement in establishing the TV studio. They highlighted the significance of the studio in enhancing the practical training and professional development of the students.
The Head of the Media and Journalism Department provided a comprehensive briefing to Dr. Prof. Sajjida Noreen, highlighting the key features and capabilities of the newly inaugurated TV studio. They discussed the advanced equipment, including high-definition cameras, professional lighting setups, editing suites, and a control room equipped with the latest technology. The Head of the Department emphasized the studio's potential to facilitate hands-on learning experiences and empower students to excel in the field of media and journalism.
With great pleasure, Dr. Prof. Sajjida Noreen commended the efforts of the Media and Journalism Department in transforming their vision into reality. Dr. Prof. Sajjida Noreen acknowledged the importance of practical training in media and journalism and highlighted the role of the TV studio in nurturing talent and preparing students for the industry. She emphasized the university's commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities that align with the evolving needs of the media landscape.
Dr. Prof. Sajjida Noreen expressed her appreciation to the Head of the Media and Journalism Department, faculty members, and students for their dedication and hard work in making the TV studio a reality. She acknowledged the collaborative efforts that went into planning and executing the project. Dr. Prof. Sajjida Noreen also recognized the university administration for their continuous support in facilitating the establishment of such modern facilities.
The event concluded on a positive note, with attendees appreciating the efforts of all those involved in establishing the TV studio and looking forward to the enhanced learning experiences it will provide to future media and journalism professionals.

SBK Women's University Balochistan