Graduate Studies Office


To provide the post graduate research oriented platform in order to monitor and align the post graduate research programs at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, Quetta


To provide the research oriented environment, to meet the need of the national and international research standards, and to provide the solutions to the societal challenges by the scientific and social research

Key Functions

  • To provides a platform to coordinate and administer the academic affairs of departments/ faculties with all relevant offices and Board of Advanced Studies and Research in order to streamline the postgraduate education.
  • To provides a platform to contact for postgraduate students, departments and Board of Advanced Studies & Research.
  • To revise the rules and regulation of M.Phil. and Ph.D. as per HEC guideline and enforces the regulations of the university and implementation of minutes of the Board of Advanced Studies & Research at post graduate-level, curriculum changes and new graduate program approvals.
  • To monitor and streamline all postgraduate programs as per HEC guideline by emphasizing on the rules and regulation.
  • To inform the faculty/departments about the post graduate education related policies, deadlines, and programs
  • To forward recommendations, nominations, and other information from the departments to the appropriate board/committee and inform the Board of Advanced studies decision to the relevant department.
  • To maintain the record/data of postgraduate students /sessions within the University. To monitor the progress of students of MS/M.Phil./Ph.D.
  • To administer the academic activities relevant to MS/M.Phil./ Ph.D. including monitoring of students' programs of study, duration, student’s issues and management of student’s completion of research requirements (i.e., synopsis, presentation, publication, thesis etc.).
  • To coordinate & forward the grievances, appeals of the students/ departments/ institutes for permission to relevant board/committee.
  • To maintain the effective coordination with the Office of the Registrar by representing the GSO office at various meetings, communicating with university personals, faculty, staff, and students in matters related to post graduate academic affairs.
  • To counsels post graduate students with respect to program and degree requirements until a permanent supervisor is selected and degree completion assistance as necessary.
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