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Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University aims to provide the women of Balochistan and the rest of Pakistan with an excellent standard of education and with the best skills suited to which ever station they choose in their lives regardless of creed, class, age, or domicile. SBK Women's University aspires to impart education that not only develops the mind of its students; it also seeks to make its students socially responsible citizens. The University sincerely believes that revolution begins from within the home and by educating women; it hopes to make the future of Balochistan and Pakistan brighter
Knowledge for life.
Internationally recognized university contributing to positive socio economic and cultural change in Balochistan and Pakistan, within the parameters of Islam.
  • SBK Women's University will be the main source of skilled females in Balochistan and towards this end the main goal of the university is to impart the best English medium education possible to the females of Balochistan

  • The university is also endeavoring to bring about a cultural revolution in the homes of Balochistan by educating women of the province in their arts and culture

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