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23rd July, 2004 

Dr.Pervez Tahir    

Chief Economist, Planning Commission Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad

A university for women of Balochistan is by far the best investment in the future development of the province Under the energetic VC, it has already taken a head start In time it must become a centre of excellence not only in Balochistan, but for the country

23rd July, 2004

Prof Dr. Farhana Shah

Dept of Computer Science & Director, Institute of Information Technology

I am glad to see the building, academic programs, dedicated people working  under the dynamic leadership of Dr Shahida jaffery, for Balochistan Women University Women after getting quality education from here are going to be not only productive citizens but also contribute significantly in nation building & overall development All the best!

19th August, 2004 

Omar Jaffery

Managing Director UBS Investment Bank New York, USA (Proud son of  VC)

Incredible! What a magnificent start for a certain centre of excellence in education for women in Pakistan! Congratulations  

30th September, 2004 

Gul Haneef 

Member, Federal Public Service  Commission Pakistan, Islamabad

A learning institution required in  province which badly needs additional facilities for women A well appointed, well run campus with enormous potential My compliments to the Vice Chancellor and the administration for the apparently fair and principled way in which they run things

30th September, 2004

 Ashraf Jehangir Qazi

UNAMI, Baghdad, Special Envoy to  Koofi Anaan, UN, Iraq 

It was a great pleasure to visit the women’s university of Balochistan which is a major asset for the province The university is also extremely fortunate to have Dr. Shahida Jaffery Jamali as the Vice Chancellor as she carries a wealth of experience and total dedication to the task of Women’s education in Balochistan I was also very pleased to hear the quality of comments and questions from the students

27th October, 2004  

Sabiha Hassan Sayed 

UNESCO Consultant  

It is indeed a pleasure to see Quetta Women University come into being in the historic city and at a historic site The leaders in this new institution are dealing with the challenges in a very confident manner The VC inspires much motivation, the faculty is promising, and the institution is destined to make history

27th November, 2004         

  Muhammad Darjat     

Provincial Coordinator RIDLP Quetta   c/o  BRSP, 5A Sariab Road Quetta

I had an opportunity to share my experiences with the students I could see tremendous potential & interest in the students to undertake studies for community development programmes These students could be the future leaders in improving the well being of the population in Balochistan as well as in rest of Pakistan Thanks to Dr Shahida jaffery, the VC for giving me this opportunity

8th December,  2004 

Indra Lal Singh Chief

UNICEF, Quetta c/o UNICEF, Quetta

I had heard a lot about this university but today I have seen on my own Under the able leadership of the VC the university is moving in the right direction She has the vision and will get the university more forward I am sure the product of this university will help develop Balochistan in all sectors and especially for the development of Women I congratulate the VC and her team and wish good luck

Prof Dr Shahana Kazmi 

I am really pleased to see a wonderful setup in the form of SBK Women’s University-a great place with state of the art facilities for our young women I hope this university will train the mothers who have to train our future generation-who can participate in the development of our country All the best

18th March, 2005

 Syeda Abida Hussain 

7, FCC, Maratib Ali Road, Lahore     Shah  Jewna Farm, Jhang, Punjab

This has indeed been a stimulating morning I truly enjoyed speaking to the students and faculty of the Women’s University, which, I have no doubt, will emerge as THE Women’s University in Pakistan Its first Vice Chancellor, Shahida Jaffery is dynamic, strong and capable and will serve as an inspirational force for young Baloch Women I look forward to coming back here in the future and hope to observe its progress

31st March, 2005

Dr. Atta-UR-Rahman

Chairman Higher Education Commission

Stunning! Keep up the great work!

20th April, 2005  

Dr .Syed Asim Hussain

Faculty In charge,  Civil Services Academy, Lahore

The effort being put forward by the Vice Chancellor Dr Shahida Jamali is really very commendable She is working very hard to propagate the women university and thereby contributing a lot in development of the education sector in Balochistan, we wish her luck

20th April, 2005  

Saad Ahmed Warraich

Foreign Service of Pakistan,  Civil Services Academy, Lahore

I am extremely impressed by the effort of the Vice Chancellor and her team and wish her all the success Quiet a few of our myths stand shattered

20th April, 2005

Aamar Javed

Income Tax Group,  CSA Lahore

I am impressed by the sincere efforts of the administration It’s a nice effort to enhance the education standard of the Balochistan girls

20th April, 2005 

Dr. Zeeshan Reza Naqvi

 Railways C&T Group, CSA Lahore

I must say that it is a commendable effort and a positive step for the development of this province

20th April, 2005

M. Aasim Nawaz Tiwana

CSA, Walton, Lahore

More happy and honored than words could express to find a building being rapidly transformed into an “INSTITUTION” for the daughters of Balochistan, the mineral rich and vastest province of our beloved homeland Hats off to the whole team especially the pioneer VC

20th April, 2005

Tariq Aziz Kalachi 

CSA, Walton Lahore

There is a Chinese  proverb that even a journey of thousand miles starts with the first single step; I think inception of SBK women university is first step towards quality education for women of Balochistan

20th April, 2005

 Abdul Basit Jasni

CSA, Walton Lahore

Winds are on the side of ablest navigators

23rd April, 2005 

Hafeez Ur Rehman

Chairman Inspection Team, Balochistan

This place is a different world, wish the province could be like this

23rd April, 2005


Ambassador designate to Vietnam

It is indeed wonderful to have Women  University in Balochistan It would not only impart knowledge to local women but make them cater money for the province 

2nd May, 2005

Prof. Dr. Aban Asrar

Principle Govt; Girls Degree College, Quetta

It is a wonderful place for the female of Balochistan to acquire knowledge at a beautiful natural sight Very conducive environment for studying

3rd May, 2005

John Wall

World Bank Islamabad

I was delighted and very impressed to see such a flourishing Women’s University in Quetta It is amazing so much has been done in such a short time –one year! I can see the Women’s University has a great future in store for it We are all lucky to have such a dynamic and visionary leader as VC jaffery

13th May, 2005


Former Federal Secretary, Government of Pakistan

It is difficult to believe that so much can be achieved in so little time The Women’s University comes across as a progressive dynamic institution Dr Shahida jaffery deserves all praise for her leadership and achievement So do her fellow teachers Best of luck and God speed

14th May, 2005

Ayub Baloch,

Secretary Culture, Tourism & Archives, Government of Balochistan

My visit to this university educated me I found a devoted faculty working under the guidance of Dr Shahida, who herself is a visionary I wish them good luck God bless them all

21st May, 2005

M Nawab Khan Azeemi

6-6/12 Sheikhan Street Quaid- abad Quetta 03009385890

I enjoyed too much to visit the first ever Women’s University in Balochistan I appreciate the efforts, administrative systems and  the behavior of the Madam Dr Shahida jaffery in which she is running the institute It was an amazing visit

24th May, 2005

Bakhtiar Khan

Provincial Chief SMEDA Balochistan

SBK Women’s  University, Quetta will go a long way & contribute towards development of the women folk of the province & women empowerment under the  dynamic leadership of Dr Shahida jaffery VC  of the university The team working in the university is commendable For all this achievement credit also goes to Mr Owais Ahmed Ghani the honorable Governor Balochistan Allah Almighty bless them all

28th May, 2005

Meher Marker Nosherwani

It is a pleasure to see the Women’s University It is very impressive, and will be a guide to the women of Balochistan Good luck for the future

28th May, 2005

Mrs ANaveed

It was a pleasure visiting the different departments of this university, we wish all the best and pray that this university will play a vital role for the development of education in Balochistan

11th June, 2005

Dr Asiya Mengal

Principal RTI Ministry of Population Welfare Quetta

It was a pleasure to see the hospital being converted into a magnificent university I could see discipline every where The way the staff students and honorable VC responded to the lecture was marvelous It was really a pleasure being here

14th June, 2005

Ghazala Owais Ghani

Governor’s House Quetta

The Women’s University is my husband’s and my dream come true I can't describe the pride that I feel every time I visit it  Dr Shahida Jaffery is doing a superb job, she is an excellent role model for the girls May God almighty always help her & guide her Ameen

Oasis of Roses is out of the magazines Majida Hamid and Mrs Yasmin  Paracha deserves all praise for it Ghazala Ghani

15th June, 2005



There was an uplifting of spirit as & walked through the corridors of the university So much achieved in so short a period is evidence of the passionate commitment of the Vice Chancellor, Dr Shahida Jaffery, and her equally dedicated team It was rewarding to see the little sapling planted a year ago growing so rapidly into a tall and beautiful tree But the real reward was the bright shine in the eyes of the girl students and the glowing confidence with which they moved around Social revolution is underway in Balochistan and SBK Women's University is the moving spirit behind it!

23rd June, 2005

Sheila Lyall Grant

British High Commission Islamabad

I have very much enjoyed my visit today The facilities are excellent and well laid out The students are very fortunate to have such an opportunity here in Quetta to learn I am sure that this initiative will benefit generations of women in Balochistan I hope to be able to return one day

25th June, 2005

Khaleel A Tatley


Mashallah! What can one say? Just wonderful, exciting, amazing! A solid foundation for the socio-economic development of the largest province of the country has been laid It is hoped that provincial and federal authorities will continue to support this great effort under the leadership of Dr Shahida jaffery

23rd June, 2005

 Mr Shahid Khakan

Abbasi Chief Operation Office Air Blue   Islamabad

Dear Doctor Sahiba,

Thanks you for the email and privileged of talking to your students  It was refreshing to be able to meet so many bright-eyed young women who seemed so hopeful about the future It  certainly was one of the most attentive audience i have ever had and I great full to you for the opportunity I am not sure if I qualify to be a role module of any kind but it is always great to be able to share one's experience and perceptions, especially with young people Air blue flights to Quetta every day, and if we can assists your students or staff with any visits to Karachi then please do not hesitate to ask Please do not consider it a burden, in fact it will be privilege for us We can also arrange filed visits for any interested student to Karachi I will Inshallah contact you on my next visit to Quetta  

4th June,2005

Ghias M Khan

 Manager (Finance &HR) RSPN #7, Street 49, F-6/4, Islamabad

Very impressive, rather unbelievable, so much has been done & achieved in such a short time Keep up the good work

4th July, 2005

 Shahlla Gill

Consultant RSPN Islamabad

Well managed, every thing neat & clean, Kitchen & cafeteria is very tidy The whole university & environment is very impressive I think other universities must visit this university

4th July, 2005

Engineer Asher 


One of the best institute in Balochistan, excellent management & educational environment

5th July, 2005

 Dr Salah-Uddin Khan

Professor of Political Science, Virginia State University, 115 College Drive, Lawrenceville VA 23868 USA

I am highly impressed by the fact that this fine university of higher learning is functioning in a remarkably efficient manner, within a one year of  its inception This is , indeed , a remarkable accomplishment It should serve as beacon and shining example for other educational institution to follow  

14th July, 2005

DrTariq Hassan

Chairman,  Securities & Exchanges Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad

What I witnessed today has given me renewed hope for the Pakistani nation Walking through the corridors gave me a feeling of  walking through the future The progress that has taken place in the short time since its establishment is a tribute to the dedication that Dr Shahida jaffery has given to the institution I wish her luck  in her endeavors

21st  July ,2005

Jamsheed, Khursheed & Arnaz Marker & Family

 Maker House, Shah-rah Zargoon, Quetta

Today has been a most incredible experience on behalf of the family and on Mrs Meheron  Marker Her angelic blessings will always be for Shahida and for all of her for all wonderful social work for Balochistan We are extremely grateful  always - The Marker family The trees are natural and so is our life Thank you!

22nd July, 2005

A Razak Dawood

DESCON World Headquarters Lahore

What a great investment this university has been, and gives hopes for our future generations I am delighted to see this facilities and I am sure it will go a long way in developing women of this province I wish to congratulate Dr Shahida jaffery and her team for an excellent start

This young university has great challenges ahead of it and I am sure they will be met under the current dynamic leadership Greatest fulfillment in life is to leave a dynamic institution which will go on generations, after we are all gone Congratulation, once again

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