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SBK women's University central Library was started in May 2004. In a short span of six years the Library has been transformed into deep treasure of knowledge and information. Financial ERP The Library has a stock of books of latest edition. It has a staff of nine (9) members operating selflessly to quench the thirst of our readers for knowledge.

Students, regular faculties, visiting faculty and all Admin staff are regular members of the library. It has a quantity of text and resources material to satisfy its reader from all departments.

The Library has been organized into different reader services vise Main Lending Section, Text Books Section, General Reference Section and a Periodical publications Section in the subject field of Humanities, Social Sciences & border line.

It has an honor to circulate 150 books in a day. To meet the demands of our readers, library is divided into two halls and one large reading Room. provided linking with other libraries of Pakistan and world through internet. Establishment of Audio and Visual Library is also in the offing. Financial ERP The access to library is provided to readers from all aspects of life, which include students, Teaching faculty, Administration and visiting faculty. it is a vast resource of saturated knowledge and information for the above mentioned readers.

The management has also provided facility to organize various book exhibitions to enhance the diversity of books in our library.of books in our library. Five daily NEWS papers and periodicals are regulated with our utmost sense of responsibility. Classification of books is completed 50%. Cataloguing of the books has under gone the process.

Arrangements of Stock
The library stock includes items on a wide range of subjects in a variety of shapes and size. The majority of books in the library are shelved in subject order.
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