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S# Researcher / Researchers Session  Topic
1 Mehwish javed, Aliya noor,
 Hina Shoukat, Amna Farrukh, Razia,
 Gul Bakht
2005-2007 A study of educated women changing pattern of family life
2 Yasmin Syed, Zubaida Nasurullah, Safia Khan, Shamim Faisal, Habiba, Ibna. 2005-2007 Awareness among women regarding their rights
3  Amna Khan, Saima Noor, Rehana Rashid, Nazmin Sharif, Saima Umber 2005-2007 Role performance of teachers in SBK Women’s University Baluchistan
4 Rahila Qadir 2005-2007 Decline of joint family system in the educated families in Quetta
5 Shazia Batool 2005-2007  Role of agencies of socialization on children
6 Masooma Ali 2005-2007 Effects of television programs on child’s education
7  Neeli Arif 2005-2007 Awareness about family planning among the married women of Mustung
8 Samina Abdullah  2005-2007 Social causes of tuberculosis
9 Shabnum Jogezai 2006-2007 The role of higher education for bringing social change in society
10 Anila Abdullah 2006-2007 The causes of domestic violence in our society
11 Ruth Enamel 2006-2007 The socio-economic causes of child labor
12 Nighat Bukhari 2006-2007 Causes of gender discrimination in our society
13   Zaib-un-Nisa 2006-2007  trend towards exogamous marriages in educated families of Quetta
14 Hina Noor 2006-2007  Un-adjustment between husband & wife causes of increasing rate of divorce 
15 Khair-un-Nisa 2006-2007  Impact of women education on their changing role
16  Safia Panezai 2006-2007 Impact of authoritarian behavior of parents on the personality of their children
17 Sadia Amin 2006-2007  Changing role structure of husband & wife in middle class families
18 Spozmai Bashir 2006-2007  Problems faced by working women
19 Reena Zehri 2006-2007  The impact of environment on human behavior
20 Bibi Abida 2006-2007  Causes of dropout of school going children
21 Fareeda Fazal 2006-2007  Practice and problem of dowry in Quetta city
22 Rubina Hussain 2007-2008  An analytical (sample) study on the Causes of school dropout in Quetta
23 Hussnia Mohammad Essa 2007-2008    Socio-psychological factors of drug addiction in Quetta
24 Nosheen Amjad 2007-2008  Socio-economic changes effecting the role performance of women
25 Shahar Bano 2007-2008  The role of education in the process of socialization of an individual in society
26 Saman Malik 2007-2008  The significance of customs in our social life
27 Sahzia Jamaldini 2007-2008 Role of educated women in economic activities
28 Memoona Khan 2007-2008  A study of structural & functional changes in urban families.
29 Mehreen butt 2007-2008  Influence of public opinion on social behavior of person
30  Nida Sameen 2007-2008  Social control regulates individual’s behavior
31 Najma Noor 2007-2008  Impact of television on the process of social change
32 Shafiqa Abdul Razzaq 2007-2008 Impact of higher education and career opportunities for the women

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