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Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) 05 YEARS (MORNING) session 2023-2028, 2nd Merit List

  1. Following candidates of Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy), 05 years (Morning) Program, Session 2023-2028 are hereby directed to submit their Fee in NBP or HBL (SBK Women’s University Branch), Brewery Road Quetta. .
  2. Candidates must pay Student registration fee Rs.1000/- with Pharmacy Council of Pakistan on a separate Challan form to ensure registration with Pharmacy Council of Pakistan at the end of Course.
  3. Admission fee is Rs. 37130/-
  4. Candidates should verify their admission fee challan forms by Mr.Tahir (Admission Cell, Student Affairs),SBK Women’s University, Balochistan.
  5. No fee Challan will be accepted/ considered without verification by the Mr.Tahir (Admission Cell, Student Affairs),SBK Women’s University, Balochistan.
  6. copy of Fee challan shall be submitted in the office of Head of Pharmacy Department.
  7. Deadline for admission fee submission is Friday, 30th January, 2024
  8. Admission will be cancelled of all those candidates (Mentioned below) who could not submit their admission fee till deadline or submit their fee chalan in Department of Pharmacy till 30th January, 2024.
  9. Classes will commence from March, 2024..
  10. No Application for fee concession will be accepted before admission
  11. 75% attendance is mandatory for every semester, otherwise, enrollment will stand struck off.
  12. candidate who is found at any time to have obtained admission by any misstatement in the admission form by willful concealment of any previous admission or employment fact or used a fake document (e.g., CNIC, Local / Domicile and academic document etc.) shall be punished as per Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University rules and even after completion of course that can lead to the cancellation of degree in any time in future.
  13. This list of candidates is un-challengeable in any Court of Law.