Student Support Services

Policy for student leadership and co-curricular activities


Student leadership means students take active roles in their education and develop positive skills in the process. The goal of inspiring student leaders is to create a culture of ownership, collaboration and community in the relevant area. Student leadership development helps to create skills that the students can carry over to adulthood.


To develop student leadership skills via university practices and opportunities for students to positively engage, contribute, develop and strengthen their skills through co-curricular activates, student bodies and societies as well as through community service projects.


To grow students into innovative, responsible, ethical and civic minded leaders who contribute firmly not only to their local but also to global communities.

Policy/guidelines on students’ societies/clubs


Student societies play a vital role in grooming the inner skills of an individual and they become able to compete and present themselves as more confident personalities. Therefore, to encourage the development of leadership, professional and personal strengths in the students, the competent authorities of SBKWU wants to start the student's societies/clubs.

 Aims and Objectives of student’s societies / clubs

Student Societies/clubs Structure

Societies/Clubs will be initiated/created by the students in the mentorship of a faculty /regular employee of the Institute. Minimum 25 students and one faculty member will be required to establish a particular society/club.


Focal person

The focal person shall keep a close eye on all the steps taken by the society and keep them on track according to the constitution of the Council. All Events, and Programs held by society shall be through prior permission of the worthy vice chancellor.

The Advisor

Each Society/Club would be headed by an Advisor who would be a faculty member/regular employee and appointed by the focal person with the approval of the Competent Authority.

  1. Student cabinet

        The focal person and advisor will initially select a cabinet and after that the process of election will be introduced among the students of each club. The cabnet composed of the following members:

  1. Responsibilities of the Cabinet Members
  2. The President
  1. The General Secretary
  1. The Secretary Finance
  1. The Media Secretary
  1. Steps before conducting an event/activity
  1. General conduct for students and Advisors

Discipline is an essential part of our Nations motto and must be maintained in all aspects and matters of the societies for better management.


In all matters of SBKWU, the penalty code must be kept in regard so that a wise decision could be taken and the responsible shall be given adequate punishment. There are two types of penalties according to the category of committed violation.

  1. A. Major Violation will have major penalties including:
  2. Permanent expulsion from the society.
  3. Expulsion from the present cabinet.
  1. Demotion from the current designation.
  2. B. Minor violations will have minor penalties including:
  3. Show cause notice regarding the minor violation.
  4. Denied participation in one upcoming event of the president’s choice.
  5. Written apology to the president of the society.

Before any such action in regard of major penalties, an inquiry officer must be appointed for a free and fair inquiry by the focal person. The inquiry officer must respond with an inquiry report after one week including weekends to the focal person. 

  1. Eligibility requirement to become member of Society/Club
  1. Rewards for Active Club Officials

For encouraging and motivating the Club’s Officials, an annual evaluation of their achievements shall be made by advisor on the basis of Quarterly performance. The Best performers shall be awarded some incentives like prize money, Shields or certificates as approved by the Competent Authority of SBKWU.