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Green Youth Movement Working Policy Plan

GYM Management Structure

The KJ GYM management structure constitutes KJ GYM Steering Committee at HEC level, the oversight committee and club management council at university level. Support Groups including experts pool, private sector group on Eco-Innovation, development partner’s cohort and Parliamentary Caucus on Innovation will help take the agenda of the movement forward by providing technical support. The cycle for KJ GYM management council at university level will be one year whereas the steering committee and support groups will be for three years.

KJ GYM Oversight Committee (KJ GYM OC):

A three-member oversight committee is constituted by the Vice Chancellor from among the faculty members. The focal person for HEC will be the chair of the OC. The committee will perform advisory role and will guide GYM clubs. The committee will also keep an oversight on the financial planning and consumption (ToR annexed).

 The KJ GYM Club Management Council:

will be responsible for strategic planning, designing and implementation of activities and will constitute the following positions (ToR annexed). The management will be constituted through Green elections

 KJ GYM Captain:

Captain will be the focal person for external and internal communication and outreach of GYM 1 District and provincial level activities at the university level and regional 1 level. Ensuring smooth implementation of the club’s activities will be the responsibility of the Captain and he/she will participate in meetings organized at various levels to present GYM activities to the stakeholders. The captain will be responsible for finding external opportunities for increasing financial health of the club and also building synergies with other like-minded actors and experts.

KJ GYM Vice- Captain (VC):

Support GYM Captain in achieving the goals set forth and liaison with the team for smooth sailing of the initiatives. In absence of the GYM Club Captain, VC will assume the role of acting Captain. Will support the Captain in achieving the targets set forth. VP in line with the thematic leads will curate ideas for fund raising or building synergies with other external partners.

 KJ GYM Thematic leads:

for each of the five thematic areas under GYM, a thematic lead will be responsible for technical planning and leading activities. They will also be responsible for mobilizing students on their respective thematic areas and give technical input on conducting activities.

KJ GYM Communication lead:

will be responsible for the club’s outreach and knowledge management. Will be responsible for setting up and running social media accounts and creating links with the mainstream media for highlighting work of the club. Will also be responsible for keeping minutes of various meetings and following up on actions marked. Will act as secretary for the meetings and events held by the club. Will ensure use of proper logos of both GYM Club and Kamyab Jawan o KJ GYM Members: university students can become part of their respective GYM club by registering on Kamyab Jawan portal. Each member can take part in activities planned by the club under the chosen thematic area(s).

Selection process:

The oversight committee will launch a call for selection of the GYM club team. Interested candidates could submit application to the committee who will then short list candidates for president and vice president positon (2 in each category/position) against set criteria. After short listing of candidates for president and vice president position, by the oversight committee, “Green elections” will be held at the university level.

The elected Captain and Vice-Captain in consultation with the oversight committee will select thematic leads and communication lead from the short listed candidates, after they have determined the thematic focus of the club Out of the 5 listed thematic areas, the club will have the liberty to choose minimum one and maximum two thematic areas to work on. The entire process should not take more than 15 working days- 5 for call and submission of applications, 2 for short listing and sharing of selected candidates, 6 for election, and 2 for selection of other team members by the elected president and vice president in coordination with the oversight committee.

Increasing membership of the GYM club is responsibility of each team member

Operational module

The clubs will be responsible for planning, action and outreach of activities at various levels. The club members will meet at least once a month and at regional level the presidents and vice presidents could meet once in every quarter- physically or virtually. Minutes of the meeting will help in knowledge management and track activities. The workplan should be submitted no later than the first month of assuming charge. Every quarter the club will be responsible for 2 Agriculture and forestry, liquid and solid waste, water, renewable energy and eco-tourism submitting progress report (Annexure-C) to HEC/KJ portal.


For each club, the management will be responsible for submitting 6 monthly work plan against the allocated budget. Club will form a consortium for collaborative planning and action, exchange of ideas and learnings.Planning also include finding opportunities for making the clubs sustainable


Campaigns (physical or social media) and activities that could bring about behavioral change. Demonstrate environment related actions in and around the universities for example- waste segregation bins installed.Mobilize other students in the universities to actively take part in the activities

Awareness raising seminars/talks.Action research to demonstrate environmental conservation.Linking international and national opportunities with the club’s work and highlight work of club at larger platforms


Use mainstream media and social media to increase understanding of masses especially youth around environmental issues and the activities of the club

Policy advocacy for required structural changes to strengthen role of youth in green action

The clubs would make efforts to extend partnerships and networks for technical and financial support for initiatives.

 Showcase activities of club at various platforms- national, regional and international


Operational Cost : PKR 200,000 per annum per club. No more than 5% of the funds would be allocated for refreshments/ entertainment as suggested by the program.

The planning of program would be in line with the budget available

Efforts will be made to connect clubs to private sector and other stakeholders for generating more funds for scaling up activities and also building partnerships

Different clubs could pool in funds to execute activities at regional level to avoid duplication and strengthen the respective thematic work.

Nomination form- Motivation letter

Profile (name, age, educational background) –

Which position are you applying for; -


Choose (Tick one)



Vice President


Thematic leads


Communication lead



Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for the position (competence illustrated with brief past experience)? (no more than 150 words)

- What is your motivation for applying for the position (background /interest/motivation to join)? (no more than 200 words)



should display leadership qualities (initiator, team player and visionary) in the past

Low, medium, strong

should have fair idea of environmental issues and importance of involving youth

Low, medium, strong

should be well versed in communicating ideas

Low, medium, strong

should have strategic approach to work

Low, medium, strong

Should display experience of working with a budget and leading a team/group

Low, medium, strong

Progress Report

  1. Planned activities/target for the quarter
  2. Achieved targets in the quarter
  3. Financial
  4. Remaining targets and reasons for delay
  5. Constraints in achieving targets
  6. Lesson learnt
  7. Attachments (media coverage, minutes of the meeting, activity pictures, certificates)
  8. Additional Activity other than planned in the work plan
  9. External exposure (participated/nominated for international national conference, meeting etc. Annexure-D: Work plan template (excel sheet attached separately)

Terms of Reference

  1. Oversight Committee
  2. Ensure oversight of the GYM club activities and facilitate club members and the core team in smooth functioning of club activities
  3. Help facilitate GYM club formation (through elections or other agreed method-see GYM Club formation guide)
  4. Ensure smooth transition of management from one core team to the other at the end of the term (One year term each club management)
  5. Mentor GYM core team to run the club efficiently and effectively
  6. Provide or facilitate technical expertise for the GYM club core team, if and when required. This includes helping them priorities theme and narrow them down to make a comprehensive action plan for a year (minimum one and maximum two themes can be selected from water conservation, agriculture and forestry, eco-tourism, renewable energy and liquid and solid waste)
  7. Help efficient allocation of resources for the club activities so that the impact could be maximized in optimum resources. Linkages could be created with other University GYM clubs working on similar theme to ensure collective impact and efficient use of resources.
  1. Lay down proper administrative and management procedures and systems for GYM clubs in line with the HEC and university guidelines
  2. Financial oversight of the allocated funds – monitoring of physical/financial progress
  3. Help students create linkages with other University GYM clubs and its core team for mutual learning
  4. Ensure participation of students in GYM activities announced by the HEC including but not limited to eco-innovation competition, exposure visits and green sports.
  5. Help find and facilitate partnerships of the club with other initiatives and entities such as private sector to expand the work of club and its impact on environmental front.
  6. Short listing of proposals for the eco-innovation challenge and nomination of students for exposure visits and green sports at university level, against the calls periodically received from HEC.
  7. The Oversight committee will be formed by the VC of the university
  8. At least one meeting should be held every quarter and if and when required by the GYM club
  9. Oversight of any other project related activity

Oversight Committee Organogram (Proposed by HEC)

  1. Convener (preferably someone with relevant background)
  2. Secretary (University focal person for GYM Project)
  3. MemberB. Focal Person at HEIs for Green Youth Movement PM’s Youth Program
  1. Liaison and report to HEC on GYM Club activities of respective university
  2. Serve as secretary of the oversight committee
  3. Submission of proposals received from GYM clubs on eco-innovation challenge to HEC after its recommendation from oversight committee
  4. To obtain work plan from GYM club get is reviewed and recommended from oversight committee before its submission to HEC
  5. To submit the physical & financial progress of GYM club to HEC after ensuring its codal formalities
  6. To submit all documents to HEC related to Green Youth Movement Programme 7. To help process financial payments for club activities
  7. Help the club in knowledge management, transfer of institutional memory for continuity, and update GYM portal and registration of the club at Kamyab Jawan or related portal
  8. Any other GYM project related activityC. Green Youth Movement Club

Lead ecofriendly social and economic change through awareness raising campaigns, knowledge production and dissemination, public discourse and green action and innovation

  1. Lead ecofriendly social and economic change through awareness raising campaigns, knowledge production and dissemination, public discourse and green action and innovation
  2. Mobilize and organize young people at university level to work on issues related to the chosen thematic area(s)
  3. Generate content and spread awareness on environmental conservation and climate change among university students and outreach to wider stakeholders
  4. Design and plan activities to promote action on environmental conservation and climate front and establish link with regional and global initiatives. This also include drafting of yearly workplan under the guidance of the oversight committee.
  1. Manage allocated budget for the club and ensure efficient use of resource under the guidance and approval from the Oversight committee
  2. Explore new avenues/platforms for green action and link GYM members to these opportunities
  3. Help scale up initiatives, foster partnerships and mobilize resources for activities of GYM club other than the HEC allocated amount
  4. Coordinate efforts of various GYM clubs across the province for collective impact
  5. Ensure knowledge management and documentation of progress and activities
  6. Represent University GYM club at various forms
  7. Any other task related to the GYM club

GYM Club Organogram



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