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Department of Botany

Department of Botany was established in 2004 when Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University was founded. Department of Botany is one of the pioneer science departments in this University. The Botany department produced many excellent alumni many of whom are part of the permanent faculty today. It is a substance of pride for us that several alumni of our department are working as teachers, researchers, medical, administrative, and other highly regarded professionals.

The Botany Department is unique at SBKW University because of our focus on fundamental research and teaching on plants as well as our study of populations, communities and ecosystems of which they are the key component. Our faculty conducts basic and applied research relevant to the state, nation, and globe. Such topics include Bioinformatics, stress physiology, Soil and plant Environment, ecological disturbance, invasive species, symbiosis, global climate change, forestry, and GMOs. We investigate on these issues by utilizing out laboratory facilities such as, genomics, computational science, microscopy, biogeochemical and physiological approaches, and field and laboratory experiments. Our students receive a high quality education through engagement in these topics and tools and faculty involvement in science education research. Within the department, we offer an MSc, BS, MS(MPhil), and PhD in Botany and our faculty participate in several interdisciplinary degree programs.

Our strengths in research and teaching support our leadership and participation in interdisciplinary activities at SBK Women’s University we empower our students about the Environment and Natural Resources, interdisciplinary research degree programs (Program in Ecology, Molecular and Cellular Sciences,).


At Botany Department SBK Women’s University, our mission is to create and disseminate an excellent learning environment by supporting the outstanding female students, faculty, and staff needed to sustain our vision. Our focus here is on the procedures that enable a clear understanding of the plants and their environmental at local, regional, as well as global levels envisioning to strengthen our faculty and students in the fields of ecology, evolution and plant systematics. In the current time when we are experiencing the climate change this knowledge can be really helpful in fostering better environment and knowledge of our local plants.


We own a vision to conduct innovative research, teaching and outreach on the patterns and processes of life with a focus on plants and their environments, that our research focus on the practical issues of our country and to nurture highly skilled women botanists.

 Goals and objectives

  • To develop an inclusive academic excellence amongst our female to contribute effectively in the development of a better society and in their respective fields.
  • To enhance our females’ aptitude towards science and nature.
  • To equip the students with the basic skills in identifying and labeling different plants.
  • To impart quality education in the field of Botany to empowering our students to confidently face the job market.
  • To foster an environmental friendly nature amongst the females and to conserve our natural resources.
  • To equip the females to be independent and for self-employment.

Programs Offered:

The department has produced many high achieving alumni who are serving at good positions in different Govt/Public organizations. The department has also produced many auspicious research publications in reputed international/national impact factor journals

Admission Criteria

For Admission in MPhil 2 year’s program above 2.5 C.gpa of M.Sc. / B.S degree holders are eligible. For the admission of B.S and master previous degree with complete documents are required.

Job and career opportunities

The graduates of Botany department SBKW University can get different roles such as

Faculty Profile

Huma Batool
Assistant Professor (HOD)
Plant responses in stress environment / climate change

Dr Rukhsana Jabeen
Plant pathology

Dr. Tahira Mengal
Associate Professor
Plant taxonomy, Ethnobotany (Bio fuel)

Dr. Afroz Rais Khan
Assistant Professor
Plant microbe interaction (Bio Sciences)

Misbah Manzoor
Assistant Professor
Ecology, Allelopathy, Ethnobotany, Phytochemistry

Shazia Irfan
Assistant Professor
Biotechnology, Ecology

Safia Gul
Assistant Professor
Biotechnology Nano bio- technology

Pashtana Sahib Jan
Environment, physiology, molecular biology

Bibi Sadia
Bioinformatics (genetics)Biochemistry, Environmental Ecology

Mehreen Panezai
Bioinformatics, photochemistry

Mahjabeen Hameed
Assistant Professor