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Department of Islamic Studies

The Islamic studies department was established in 2009 with only 1 lecturer and one class room. It was started with the program of M.A 2 years. The total strength of the students was 12. The department now has a proper building with 12 faculty members. The strength of students is around 250. The current running programs are BS 4years in Islamic Studies, Masters 2 years and M.Phil. 2 years.


The department of Islamic Studies aims to promote the study of Islamic thoughts and offers an opportunity to study Islam on Under Graduate & Graduate level. The Department of Islamic Studies provides students a broader understanding of the role of religion in human life. The aim is to create the context for discussion that allows students to explore academic and personal questions about religion and society. The students are encouraged to exercise their freedom of expression with respect to diversity.


Religion is among the most powerful, profound and enduring aspects of life. Islamic Studies is concerned with the ideas through which religion is communicated: how it developed, what it means, whether it is true and how it may be reformulated. Study of Islam demands a wide range of knowledge, considerable insight, and care in interpretation, whether you are a student or a teacher. The Department of Islamic Studies at SBKWU offers you the opportunity to acquire knowledge, methods, skills, and capabilities necessary to understand and evaluate ideas of Islam achieving the hallmark of pure academic and research atmosphere.

 Goals and objectives

  • Preparing female scholars of Islam who can play a better role in the grooming of society.
  • Providing a platform equipped with latest technologies to the women of Balochistan for getting higher education.
  • Preparing female scholars for the development of Islam.
  • Encouraging the women of Balochistan to show their skills in the field of research which can be useful for the next generation.
  • Enabling the students to translate and understand the text of Quran and Hadith

Programs Offered:
Admission Policy

As the university is an autonomous body therefore has its own policy of admission in each discipline. The policy has been developed keeping in view the situation of female used to remain deprive of higher education due to social and tribal structure of this province. The policy also support students affected through our weak educational system in suburb. Therefore a tribal policy has been designed to benefit each women of Balochistan to get enlightened with higher education. There is no age limit of applicants to apply in any discipline. The applicant can apply in any discipline (by fulfilling eligibility criteria) regardless of the year of previous degree obtained.

Admission Prerequisites
Admission Criteria

Admissions are given on the basis of passing interview.

The students who qualify the interview and courses in the merit list and deposit the security fee. The university registers her name in the registration on e.g. 2012/SBK-M-Isl-09.


Dr. Noshin Zaheer, Editor of Research General for Social Sciences, SBKWU.

Three times winner of Quiz competition arranged among different universities of Quetta.

Job and career opportunities
Faculty Profile

Dr. Noshin Zaheer
Associate Professor
PHD (Comparative Religions)
MPhil (Islamic Studies)

Dr. Ayesha Snober
Assistant Professor
Shahadatul Almia
Ph.D. (Fiqh)

Ms. Anjum Riaz
Lecturer (HOD)
M.Phil. (Islamic Studies)

Ms. Summaya Fakhar
Shahadatul Almia
M.A Islamic Studies

Ms. Saima Abro
Ph.D. in progress

Ms. Maria Khalil
Ph.D. in progress

Ms. Farida Kakar
Ph.D. in progress

Ms. Fehmida Baloch
Ph.D. in progress

Ms. Pari Gul Tareen
Ph.D. in progress

Ms. Fozia Yasin
M.Phil (Islamic Studies)

Ms. Alina Shakeel
M.phil. (Islamic Studies)

Ms. Gulmina Kakar
Ph.D. in progress