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Department of Fine Arts


To provide higher education options with Bachelor and Master Degree programs in the field of Art and Design facilitating the national effort of filling the massive educational gap that exists in the creative field. To educate our students with the ability to analyze and critique experience, so they become active, an outstanding member of our society, both personally and professionally. Through interaction with diverse practicing professional artists, art historian and designers, students are exposed to the importance of ideas concept development, intuition and the value of research in the development of the creative process.


  • To Develop knowledge understanding in art, design and communication in the regional national and international context, through teaching and learning informed by professional practice and research.
  • Develop professional skills and competencies of self-directed study with a relevant approach to practice and theory.

 Goals and objectives

On successful completion of the course you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an advanced, critically informed understanding of the originality of your practice-based research.
  • Articulate contemporary and historical context for your practice.
  • Reflect on the social and ethical responsibilities of the creative practitioner.
  • The teaching of Modern arts as well as traditional crafts.
  • Promote a campus environment that welcomes and honour women of all races, creeds and cultures that values intellectual curiosity pursuit of knowledge and academic integrity.
  • To improve the quality of the workplace, studio.

Job and career opportunities

Faculty Profile

Parveen Akhtar
Assistant Professor

Durdana Naseer
Assistant Professor

Shaheedan Ukhra
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Hajira Bano
Assistant Professor