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Department of Media and Journalism

Media and Journalism Department was established in March 2013 with a regular two year M.A. Program under the supervision of Ms. Gul Farzana. Department took start just with 9 students while currently, the number of enrolled students in the department is around 200. However, number of batches of students have been passed out till to date and are serving in renowned public and government media organizations. Department first time introduced BS (4 Year) Media and Journalism program in 2015. The program has been formulated in accordance with the policies and standards given by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


The mission of Media and Journalism department in a democratic society is to inform, to enlighten and to champion freedoms of speech and press. so that Instead of producing just students for market our mean and basic mission is to produce creative and critical thinker and responsible citizen for society


To provide quality social work education to enable our women to meet life’s challenges, to promote social and family responsibilities, To develop individual potential and reward results, to empower and build an innovative, cohesive and professional women.

 Goals and objectives

The main goals and objectives of Media and Journalism are:
  • To prepare students with strong academic knowledge and professional skills so they are prepared to become media professionals.
  • To provide students critical engagement with the latest theory and research on media, culture, and communication.
  • To produce graduates to be leaders of the society with a sense of high morality, and insightful attitudes, so that they would contribute to the development of society

Programs Offered:
Admission Criteria :

Admission will be given on merit determined through following criteria:

BS & MA Specializations at department of media and journalism:

Upon completion of their studies the students will receive a BS or M. Sc. in Media and Communication Sciences with one of the following specializations:

Job and career opportunities

  • Public Relation Officer in public/government sector
  • Reporter/anchor/newscaster in print/electronic media
  • Social Campaigning and Advocacy in Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • News Making: Sub-editing and page designing
  • Correspondent in news agencies
  • Opinion writer: Column, Editorial, Feature, Article & Review Writing
  • Blogging and Mobile Journalism
  • Documentary and Filmmaking
  • Photojournalism
  • Ad agency


The biggest achievement of the media and journalism department was conducted first-ever international conference on media and journalism at Balochistan level. Won 1st and 2nd prices in different short film competition at Balochistan level. Won 1st price in documentary purazam program at the national level.

  • Computer Lab
  • TV studio
  • First international media and journalism conference n Balochistan “interaction and shifting boundaries of culture and society in media: challenges and opportunities.
  • 3 days photography workshop at media and journalism department with the collaboration of IDSP.
  • 3 days Session conducted by Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) on Youth Voices in the Democratic process (YDP).
  • Six days training on media literacy by Individual land Pakistan.
  • Three days journalism Training- socials/Blogging & Vlogging conducted by GNMI and SBK woman’s University.
  • Session conducted by Purazm Awards 2021 and training on development Media Products through Smartphones.
  • AAJ TVs program “Target” recorded at SBKWU with the collaboration of Media and journalism.
  • One day session on “Ehl e Aman ki Dastanen” by individual land Pakistan.
  • PurAzm Awards Briefing Session 2017 in SBKWU.
Faculty Profile

Spozmei Shah
Lecturer (HOD)
Communication Theories of Media and Society, Photography
MA in Media studies

Mahwish Ali shahid
TV journalism and Digital Media
MPhil (in progress)

Durdana Khan
Opinion Writing (Column & Feature Writing), DSC (Development Support Communication)
MA in Media studies

Tabinda Aqdas
Public Relation & TV program and Production
MPhil (in progress)

Sitara Gull
Magazine production and Public Relation
MA in Media Studies

Samina Rashid
Advertising, Development Support Communication
MPhil (in progress)

Bibi Malala
Mass Communication’s History, Current Affairs and Public Relation
MA in Media Studies

Sohail Khattak
Visiting Lecturer
Retired DG Radio Pakistan