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Department of Commerce

Commerce department was established in year 2009., BS Commerce (4 years program and (2 years program) was approved through Academic Council meeting held on 23rd January, 2012 while B.Com (IT) (2 years) program was approved through Academic Council on 19th April, 2018, in addition BS Commerce and programs were commenced in October 2009 and March 2012 respectively while (IT), and M.phil programs were approved on October 2016.


The department strives to build a sound human resource base for the province and the nation through quality education with purpose to meet the challenges of ever shrinking world, and to work for continuous learning, adaptation and application of practical knowledge for immediate contribution to a wide variety of business and professions within the parameters of Islam. Directing efforts for achieving national and international recognition with continuous improvement in the field of business, Management, Accounting, Finance, entrepreneurship, and research while making strong emphasis on excellence in education, culture, code of ethics, personality and career development.


To be a premier department work for excellence in women’s professional education, research capabilities and empowerment with aim to make contribution for community by developing human capital to resolve social and economical issues.

 Goals and objectives

  • To provide professional education to the females of Balochistan.
  • To develop professional, Technological, and research skills in students.
  • To ensure services of highly qualified faculty towards achieving excellence in quality education.
  • To make students able to join professional career in fields of Business, Accounting, banking and finance, and research in both private and Government sectors.
  • To develop Entrepreneurial skills in students and make them able to start their business.

Core Values of Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce helps its student in untapping their hidden potential and builds up confidence to serve the world in their best capacity generally and particularly Pakistan with respect to social, ethical, economic and financial parameters. The strength of department are its students and faculty members. The faculty members are committed to equip all the students with updated quality education in order to face challenge of satisfying socio-economic wellbeing of the masses both at provincial and national level. Female students irrespective of any creed, race, language and nationality are studying in the department of commerce as department of commerce values the competency and merit therefore, anyone who is competent enough can be the part of the department. Many students of the department are teaching at the department.

Faculty Profile

Lecturer (Chairperson )
Islamic Finance/Finance, Islamic Banking/Banking
Ph.D in Islamic Finance

Tayybah Safdar
Assistant Professor
Commerce, Research, Organization behavior, Human Resource Management
Ph.D. in progress

Asma Azhar
Assistant Professor
Entrepreneurship & Commerce
Ph.D. in progress

Humera Abdul Hakeem
Assistant Professor
Commerce , Human Resource Management
Ph.D. in progress

Uzma Jafer
Commerce, Human Resource Management, Marketing
Ph.D. in progress

Nadia Arshad
Ph.D. in progress

Hira Salahudin
Commerce & Business studies