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Department of Enviromental Science

The department of Environmental Science at SBKWU was the first department in any university in Balochistan. The initiation of an emerging field such as Environmental Science at SBKWU was a challenging step. The department started BS program with just 18 students in 2007 and presently the enrolled number of students in the department is around 200. Until now 10 sessions of BS and 6 sessions of MPhil students have been awarded degree and are serving in public and private sector organisations all over Pakistan. The program has been formulated in accordance with the policies and standards given by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and adopting HEC 2013 Revised Curricula.


The mission of Environmental sciences department is to achieve highest possible standards of scholarship, teaching, research in environmental sciences and allied subjects. Also to encourage intellectual development, awareness of application of Environmental sciences including its practical and social aspects in health, industry and defense.


To create the awareness among the nation and across the world of Environmental Sciences, to support the pursuit of knowledge, advancement of technology and creation of pathways of communication.

 Goals and objectives

The main goals and objectives of Media and Journalism are:
  • To develop and improve students practical, written, information retrieval and other skills.
  • To encourage students to become effective in independent learner.
  • To develop understanding of environmental concepts from ecology, chemistry, geology, and physics to real-world problems.
  • To analyze and evaluate the most important environmental problems facing the world.

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Programs Offered
Admission Criteria
Admission will be given on merit determined through following criteria:
Eligibility Criteria

Students who have passed in Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering are eligible to take admission in Bachelors (Four Years Program) of Environmental Sciences. Students who have passed their Bachelors in Environmental Sciences only can take admission in Masters of Philosophy (Two Years Program).

Areas of Specialization offered in Environmental Sciences

Job and Career opportunities

After getting degree in Environmental Sciences, the graduates will be able to join and get jobs in the following sectors:

Faculty Profile

Dr. Rabail Urooj (Gold Medalist)
Chairperson/Assistant Professor
Remote sensing and GIS modeling, Ecological modeling, Energy Modeling, R, Data analyst
PhD Fatima JinnahWomen University

Dr. Rabia Zafar
Assistant Professor
Geosciences, Applied Sciences, Environmental Sciences
DIC, PhD Earth Science & Engineering, Imperial College London

Dr. Khanoranga
Assistant Professor (Contractual)
Plant Sciences
PhD Fatima Jinnah Women University

Ms. Sadaf Aslam ghori (Gold Medalist)
Agronomy, Sustainable agriculture, Soil Remediation, Environmental economics, Environmental Law & Policy, Biochar
M.Phil SBK Women's University

Ms. Hafeeza Hina Irfan
GIS & Remote Sensing, Management & conservation of Environment
M.Phil SBK Women's University

Ms. Anila Bahadur (Gold Medalist)
Agriculture water modeling, virtual water, water foot printing, crop water requirement, irrigation requirement
M.Phil SBK Women's University

Ms. Nafeesa
Agriculture watermodeling (CROPWAT, CLIMWAT), Virtual Water, Water Footprint, Crop Water Requirement, Irrigation Water Requirement
M.Phil SBK Women's University

Ms. Palwasha
Environmental Microbiology
M.Phil SBK Women's University

Ms. Muniza Munir
Integrated pest management
M.Phil Fatima JinnahWomen University