SBK Women's University, Balochistan

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Department of Urdu


To impart quality education and produced highly qualified researchers, writers, script writers, media producers, teachers, administrators and leaders in various field.


To prepare highly qualified women in Balochistan to spread the knowledge of Urdu as national and international language, it’s literature with socio cultural background and economic strength.

 Goals and objectives

  • To prepare students with strong academic knowledge and professional skills so they are prepared to become media professionals.
  • To provide students critical engagement with the latest theory and research on media, culture, and communication.
  • To produce graduates to be leaders of the society with a sense of high morality, and insightful attitudes, so that they would contribute to the development of society

Programs Offered:

Department of Urdu was established at SBK Women’s University in fall semester 2005 with the aim to produce good oriented university, school teachers, creative work for electronic media and literary work as well. Since 2005 Urdu Department is trying hard to achieve its goals. Quality research at Masters and M.Phil level and teaching such unique subjects which generally are not taught in other universities of the country. These practices are highly appreciated. Just after the five years of its establishment, Urdu department remarkably initiated the M.Phil Urdu Program in 2009. Out of 6 graduates of M.Phil there are five graduates are enrolled in PHD in various Universities of Pakistan. 36 students of M.Phil are completed their research. Seventy Three M.Phil students have been allotted titles of research and they are in the beginning and middle of their research. More than 85% passed out M.A students are in various public and private services and there performance report is normally excellent The Department is fulfilling the market requirement with a quality of high level. In different years Balochistan Public Service commission has selected many College lecturers on merit basis, more of them are passed out students of Urdu department which is memorable achievement. Faculty Member of Urdu department Ms. Kiran Dawood has published her poetry book (Dil Angan or Dhoop) in 2014 which is the first ever book of any type published in Social Sciences faculty. She has published a Research book ( Nadraat e Tehqeeq)in 2017. And she also get a Balochistan excellence award on her research book in 2018. Another faculty member of Urdu Department Ms. Qandeel Bader has published a Poetry book (Dhaji Dhaji Roshni) in 2018.

Faculty Profile

Ms. Anila Baber

Ms. Bibi Tania

Ms. Kiran Dawood Butt

Ms. Mahwish Ayaz

Ms. Qandeel Badar